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Upcoming Litters
We have some upcoming litters of Regular sized Goldendoodle. There is still room on our deposit list. Total cost is 3,000 and deposit is $500.


Wonderful Breeders

Savvy is now 2 years old, she’s the most affectionate dog we’ve ever had. She likes to be touching every chance she gets. She gets more beautiful every day. Rod, you said she would be about 40 pounds and that’s exactly what she is. She’s not a big “doodle”, but she’s a great girl. I… Read more “Wonderful Breeders”

Our Doodle Jaz!

Our Doodle is now 4 years old and we picked her up at 8 weeks. She is such a delight, super smart and a great pool swimmer, but only gets in when invited. She’s adorable.

Boat Dog

I met someone who had purchased a dog from Glamourdoodles and loved their dog. I put a deposit down that night and waited patiently. I did not get a lot of pictures or information on the dog and I did not even meet the parents when I picked him up. However, I’d do it again… Read more “Boat Dog”

My dog Bailee has changed

My dog Bailee has changed my life. She is the sweetest, most loving girl. She has an amazing temperament and I am able to take her everywhere. Whether it be on airplanes, the mall, restaurants, or even to get my nails done, Bailee is always well behaved in public. She was easily trained and I… Read more “My dog Bailee has changed”


I had never had a dog before I got Bruno in April of this year. I have a dog allergy, but when my doctors and I decided a Service Dog was a necessary step in my treatment, a Goldendoodle sounded like the perfect option. And we were right, he lives in my dorm room with… Read more “Bruno”

Family complete

Thank you thank you thank you glamour doodles for giving us our sweet Marley! She is sweet, spunky, and all around goofy and we don’t know what we would do without her. She truly is one of a kind and the best part of our life! We would be bored without her. I love the… Read more “Family complete”

Great Dog

Our Dodger is turning 4 years old today. He is bright, full of energy, with a wonderful disposition. He loves people, loves to play and is just an all around great dog.
Thank you Glamourdoodles. You have provided us with an amazing loving addition to our family. We couldn’t be happier.

Were very happy for our sweet puppy Oliver.

Our little doodle just turned 6 months a few weeks ago.We thank glamour doodles for Oliver. He was the last one in his litter to be picked. He’s a real sweetheart. he loves playing with our daughters.He is 47 pounds and still growing, if we hadn’t gotten Oliver I don’t know what our life would… Read more “Were very happy for our sweet puppy Oliver.”

Lauren Redington

We bought one of your F1B Goldendoodles in your first litter and we can’t tell you how much we love her! Our dog Bella has brought us much joy in our lives and means the world to us. She is always by our sides, she is the sweetest thing. Bella taught us a very important… Read more “Lauren Redington”

Thank you so much

I have been looking for a puppy for years to be part our family members. We are so happy that we found glamour doodle! We are very very in love with our puppy, we named her Happy! She is happy! Healthy and highly intelligent! At ten weeks she is already knows tricks. We love her… Read more “Thank you so much”

Rufio :)

Rod and Brian- We wanted to thank you both for our sweet Rufio! He just turned 1 last October and he has changed our world! He is such a smart dog and gentle dog. We just had our first child in November and Rufio has been amazing with her. Couldn’t’ ask for a better dog!… Read more “Rufio :)”

Rod and Brian, I just

Rod and Brian, I just wanted to thank y’all for our sweet Kami! 🙂 she is 4 months old now and we love her to pieces! Throughout the adoption process you were so helpful and nice!! I would recommend anyone looking for a doodle to y’all!!! We love our sweet Kami and couldn’t imagine our… Read more “Rod and Brian, I just”


Rod and Brian we just want to thank you for the most wonderful and loving puppy ever!! She has brought so much joy to our house. We have given multiple recommendations to many of our friends. We can say you do a wonderful job breeding puppies! She is just such a lover! Thank you for… Read more “Lacy”

Daisy the Wonder Doodle

Birth date 07/20/2011. Daisy has been a challenge, but worth the effort. She’s been to Nova Scotia, Cape Cod, Houston, and on and on. Loves to ride in the car. Doesn’t go anywhere near our pool, although we tried many times to get her to swim. Go figure! Loves to romp around the house and… Read more “Daisy the Wonder Doodle”

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