I had never had a dog before I got Bruno in April of this year. I have a dog allergy, but when my doctors and I decided a Service Dog was a necessary step in my treatment, a Goldendoodle sounded like the perfect option. And we were right, he lives in my dorm room with me, and doesn’t bother my asthma or allergies in the slightest. Since the Easter morning I brought him home, Bruno has been hands down the best thing to ever happen to my family and I. He was practically potty trained from day one. He picked up on things so quickly. He is an incredible dog, and my vet cleared him for service work with flying colors! He has an incredible temperament, a gorgeous coat (which he gets from his dad, Romeo), and is the most loving dog in the world. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who does not tell me he looks completely fake because of how perfect his coat is! Of course, he keeps me entertained with his antics, but he is also such an in-tune, incredible companion and he has changed my life unbelievably. I recommend Glamour Doodles to anyone who will listen. These dogs are absolutely incredible, and I cannot wait until I have the means to adopt a second one. And possibly a third if I can help it.

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