Boat Dog

I met someone who had purchased a dog from Glamourdoodles and loved their dog. I put a deposit down that night and waited patiently. I did not get a lot of pictures or information on the dog and I did not even meet the parents when I picked him up. However, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.
I have a cream color male who is a F1b and his name is Fernando. Absolutely hands down the most gregarious fun friendly personable dog I have ever had. He is the perfect dog for me friendly and attentive and makes a great companion. He loves the water and swims in the pool daily. He also loves the boat and crawls all over it like a goat. He is a big fisherman and will come running when he hears the drag on your reel.
Thanks for a great healthy happy animal! People never ask me why I would pay for a dog after meeting Fernando. They ask if I know if any are currently available!
Russell Brown RN

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